Continuing the traditions

In honor of Mother’s Day,  I am remembering my Mama today and how I learned the gift of hospitality from her. As the youngest of five children, I remember our home bustling with family, friends and people who worked for us in the restaurant. Our dinner table was always at least ten people deep.

In the Italian culture, hospitality is at the core of our being. We celebrate every milestone and holiday in life with fervor, and usually around food. My mother’s dinner table was a testament to that! She welcomed everyone, whether you stepped foot in our deli, restaurant or our home. People always told me that they always felt welcomed and part of the family.

Today, in my restaurants and my home, I have carried on that tradition of treating customers or friends like they are coming into my kitchen for dinner. I love the social aspect of our restaurants. I have met wonderful people over the years that have started out as customers and now are my friends. Some of these friends I have known for the better part of twenty years, and some are new friends.

Thank you, Mama, for leaving me with this very rewarding and fulfilling gift of hospitality…I cherish it!

I wish all Mamas a very Happy Mother’s Day.

Birthdays have always been celebrations with family!


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